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Dear Customers, Students and Friends of Minor Miracles,



Because of the recent developments over the possible community-spread of Coronavirus


(COVID-19) and the potential health risk that has been identified on an international level, Minor Miracles has decided to cancel all classes until March 31, 2020. We are taking important preemptive measures to help protect the health and safety of our community. As part of our proactive approach, we will be taking this time to do a thorough deep-cleaning of the studio as well.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. As always, the health and well-being of our students is our top priority. Please continue to check this website for developments.






Kelly Haneklau, Owner, Artist and Lead Instructor






Students Shine at McCall Gallery

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"Minor Miracles Miniatures"

by the Minor Miracles students

at McCall Gallery was well received by the community at the exhibition opening on February 15, 2020.

Students, parents, friends and patrons observed the art, enjoyed delicious food and drink, and listened to beautiful live guitar music.

Minor Miracles is VERY proud of all of their students!

Kelly Haneklau (Owner) and Payton (student) who sold some artwork at the event.

Minor Miracles Owner and Student Exhibit 2020

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Kelly is pleased to exhibit her travel collection of paintings and photographs at McCall Studio Gallery in Old Town Manassas, VA for a second month in a row! She is also proud to report that her students are exhibiting their miniature works for the month of February as well! For more info on a fabulous evening with art, assorted chocolates, live music, wine, guest speakers and more, click here:" target="_blank">Valentines Event Feb. 15, 2020

Special Recognition Award for "Arles Light"

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Kelly's acrylic on paper, entitled "Arles Light" is being featured in the online gallery of "All Women 2020 Art Exhibition" for the month of January. Please check out all of the wonderful art created solely by women!

Special Recognition Award received for "Maine's Main""

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Kelly Haneklau's acrylic on canvas entitled Maine's Main received a Special Recognition Award in Light Space and Time "SeaScapes" 2019 Art Exhibit. Artists from around the world compete for a spot in this competition. The online gallery will run for the entire month of November. Click" target="_blank">HERE to see the video of the wonderful art from around the world!

"Patterns" Art Exhibition 2019

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Kelly Haneklau is pleased to announce that her acrylic on paper work entitled

"Hydro-Logic" received a Special Recognition Certificate in the

"Patterns" 2019 Art Exhibition for

Find her work at minute 8:56 here:

and here:

Fall Festival at St Thomas Aquinas Regional School

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Minor Miracles can't wait to face-paint at the annual Fall Festival at 
St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School in Woodbridge, VA later this month! 

Thank you for inviting us back for the 4th year in a row!

Art Is Therapeutic For Everyone by Josie Haneklau

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Check out this wonderful article on Art Therapy!

Opinion | Art is therapeutic for everyone

• Josie Haneklau | The Breeze

• Jul 30, 2019


2 min to read

Columnist Josie Haneklau recommends that students use some of the time they normally spend on their phones to create art.

Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Many people who deem themselves as “left-brained” wouldn’t think of themselves as being creative and probably wouldn’t be found in an art class. Yet, it’s important to question how and by whom creativity is measured. After all, an original and inventive line of thought looks completely different for a mathematician than it does for a musician. Perhaps everyone is imaginative in some way, even if it’s not the stereotypical sense. Nevertheless, even if someone doesn’t consider themselves creative in the slightest, creating art can still be mentally and physically beneficial and has proven to be therapeutic for many people.

Studies show that art has stress and anxiety-reducing effects. With 8 in 10 college students stressed, this fact could be extremely beneficial to them. While most college students have a packed schedule, there are still ways for art to fit in. For example, one recent study found that college students can spend 8 to 10 hours on their phones daily — even though they may be busy people. It may prove beneficial for students to use some of that “idle time,” that almost everyone has, creating art instead of using a phone.

Art is usually a calming and mindful activity that lessens the flow of anxiety-creating hormones. This is part of the reason why art is used by many psychotherapists in a technique simply coined “art therapy.” Art therapy can help those with a learning disability or brain injury and even allow those with repressed emotions a voice. Because many people often have trouble expressing emotions in words, art proves as a great communicator even when the person creating it doesn’t realize communication is happening. For example, a child may mindlessly draw a stick-person sketch of themselves crying next to their divorcing parents, unknowingly communicating emotion in effect.

Attention deficit disorder affects over 11% of American children and a heightening number of American adults. A main struggle with attention deficit disorder is an ability to focus for long periods of time. Missing notes in class or important information in a meeting for work due to a lack of focus can be stressful and frustrating. A helpful technique that those with ADHD or anyone else who has trouble focusing can use is doodling. Drawing something simple and mindless like squiggles or flowers is scientifically proven to improve memory recall. One study found that participants improved information recall by almost 30% more than those who were instructed not to draw.

An article titled “Why We Make Art” by Greater Good Magazine focuses on multiple artists and why they choose to make art. All of them have at least one varying response. Artist Pete Doctor said, “There is also that universal desire to connect with people in some way, to tell them about myself.” Artist Gina Gibney said, “The body of my work is like a catalog of the events and thoughts of my life.” Almost every artist featured lists some kind of mental benefit as a reason why they enjoy art.

In society, everyone is told to dress, look, speak and act a certain way. Even those unfamiliar with making art are often afraid they'll “mess up” or that their creation will “look bad.” In reality, art is emancipated from this thought-process. Perhaps this is why many see art as a liberation, or an outlet for expression — it’s a lawless process. In recognizing and applying this, many may find a sort of therapy they’ve never known.

Josie Haneklau is a sophomore political science and psychology double major. Contact Josie at [email protected]

Arts Alive! Event September 15, 2019

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Kelly is happy to have been able to travel to France this year and get lots of inspiration for her paintings. Please come out and see her exhibition: "Summertime in France" at the Hylton Performing Arts Center on September 15th from 1-5pm. The event is called Arts Alive and will feature local artists and performers. The event and all performances are FREE! The only money you will need is for food trucks or any special pieces of art you would like to purchase. Hope you can make it! For more information: CLICK HERE!


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Kelly Haneklau (Founder/Owner of Minor Miracles) and Mark Andrews (Founder/Executive Director of Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.) share a hand-shake to show their their commitment to the first annual Art of Life GALA.

Kelly Haneklau, local artist and Founder/Owner of Minor Miracles in Bristow, VA is happy to announce that on May 24, 2019 at 7pm at the Sweeney Barn in Manassas, VA, she will be hosting the first annual Art of Life GALA: a fundraiser/art silent-auction supporting Therapeutic Adventures, Inc., a Charlottesville-based non- profit organization. Haneklau stated, "The work this organization does is beyond amazing and has touched so many lives for almost 40 years. I am honored to be a small part in the awareness of the work they do and it is a pleasure to work with Mark Andrews (Founder/Executive Director), to make these dreams a reality".

"We hope to draw over 400 adult community members for this evening to remember. There will be amazing art and items for auction, guest speakers/performers, delicious local food and drink, music, games and community spirit!" Haneklau remarked.

"The Art of Life GALA will bring awareness of the specialized needs that people with disabilities have, the sacrifices our veterans have made for us, as well as raise donations to purchase equipment and enable adventures for TA program recipients," said Andrews. Therapeutic Adventures, a Virginia based, non-profit organization that helps disabled people of all ages who have complex medical needs (including our military veterans and cancer survivors) enjoy life through outdoor activities- like skiing, fly-fishing, kayaking and cycling - just to name a few. Therapeutic Adventures priority has always been to support individuals and families with partial to full scholarships and specialized adaptive equipment, making participation adaptive sports and outdoor recreation a reality. Many programs and events are provided at NO cost to the participants. TA's specially trained, all-volunteer program staff, enables people to embrace fun and meaningful activities that improve functional independence and quality of life.


Sponsorships are being sought from local businesses, companies, and individuals to support Therapeutic Adventures' fundraising goals. Haneklau said, "community support and involvement are the cornerstones of this event’s success". Kelly noted that our immediate community does not have a lot of opportunities like this. So it is important to help foster this type of event so more will happen in the near future.

This GALA will not only raise awareness and provide much needed support, but bring people together for a fantastically fun evening, not to mention an excuse to get dressed up! Black-tie optional. Ages 18 and older please.

Every ticket purchase helps. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the organization and the wonderful work they do. Tickets are on sale for a limited time at Search: "Art of Life GALA" To volunteer or for more information, visit or contact the event organizer, Kelly Haneklau at [email protected]